Hi! My name is Cadence and I make music and games.

I'm currently attending college as a music composition major and vocal performer. I'm also working on some hobbyist game dev projects.

(album art by Ploosh)

Exterior Dangers

Exterior Dangers is an experimental electronic pop album about my experience as a queer person.


I also make soundtrack music. Here are some of my favorite tracks I've done.

Game Development

I make indie games! You can find most of my projects hosted on itch.io, but I've also released a free game on Steam.

I've participated in the Ludum Dare compo for the past few years, and all of my jam games are open source.

2D Artwork

Most of the artwork that I create is for my game projects, but I also have a short web comic about candy espionage.

It's only eleven pages.


Need to contact me for any reason? Send me an email!
[email protected]

Just wanna chat?

DecadeDecaf#4128 on Discord